Our Company


We are a Mexican company that offers excellent quality services, guaranteeing a great freshness and flavor of the best products in the Mexican fields, in order to bring them to the homes of the different cultures of the world.


In our company it is vital to work every day with the values that sustain and support the quality of our products, which results in satisfaction and trust that we provide our customers.

It leads us to the fulfillment of the obligations that are present in life that makes congruent between what we think, we say and do.

In the quality of our products as they are the result of due process applied.

To comply fully with the obtained obligations, always working with the purpose of obtaining common results sharing challenges and successes.

With care of the environment, health and safety of our employees.

Being a high quality supplier of fruits and grains, providing first class service to our customers, complying at all times with the commitments to achieve the goals of growth and profitability projected, always taking care of social and environmental responsibility.

Be a consolidated company in the agribusiness market with a well-defined organization in the distribution of our products.


Work constantly to meet the goals and fulfill the promises made to our customers to adequately deliver the best products.

Social Responsibility

Maintain strict social responsibility with all people who are involved in the work team guaranteeing employment, social security, education for workers and their families.